Best Dirt Bikes For 14 to 18 Year Olds – A Complete Guide

When it comes to buying a dirt bike for your child, it’s important to choose one that is appropriate for their size and experience level. Four-stroke, air-cooled motorcycles can be dangerous, so pick one that is more suitable for an experienced rider. The best dirt bikes for 14- to 18-year-olds are lightweight and easy to maneuver, and are suited for both beginners and more experienced riders. Age is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a dirt bike for your child, visit landroverbar. Kids are generally shorter and heavier than average, so a bike designed for the same age range might not be the right choice for a kid who’s smaller. The height of the seat is a crucial factor, so check with the child’s height before making the final decision. A kid who is 160 cm tall should consider a bike that has a seat height of 33-36 inches.Choosing the right height for your child: It’s important to consider their height when choosing the correct size for your child. If your child is a little short or heavier than the average, make sure that the seat height is at least 33 inches. If your child is taller, consider purchasing a semi-automatic model. Using an automatic bike will save you time and frustration. Size: You should also consider the child’s height and weight. A bike that’s too big or too heavy isn’t going to be comfortable for your child. The best dirt bikes for 14 to 18 year-olds are lighter and more powerful than the average motorcycle, so you need to buy a larger bike than your child’s height. Despite their size, they are still not too large or too heavy. A 150cm kid should choose a seat height of around 33 inches. This is a great starter dirt bike with impressive power delivery. This bike also has a 5-speed transmission and is lightweight for kids. Its seat is not too high, which may make it uncomfortable for a beginner. The coolest feature is its lightweight and easy-to-drive design. The motor’s weight is relatively low, and the pedals are not overly difficult to control. A smaller-displacement dirt bike is a better choice for the novice rider. This bike has less power, but it’s also easier for a beginner to handle. It’s also more convenient for the adult, as it’s easier to adjust the seat to fit an adult, but it’s still an excellent choice for younger riders. When choosing a bike, make sure it’s the right size for your young rider. When buying a dirt bike for a fourteen-year-old, don’t forget to consider the child’s height and experience level. A 150-pound child will need a bike that’s 250cc or below. A bigger fourteen-year-old will need a dirt bike that has a seat height of at least 33 inches. Then, the best dirt bikes for 14-year-olds will have suspension. A dirt bike for fourteen-year-olds can be anything from a scooter to a motorcycle. It is a great example of a dirt bike for a 14-year-old. Its orange and black color scheme is sure to inspire a future dirt-bike racer. When choosing a dirt bike for a 14-year-old, consider their height and weight. A bike for a fourteen-year-old will be much shorter than the average of that age group, but it’s also likely to be lighter than the norm. Depending on the adolescent’s height, they will need a seat that is at least 33 inches tall.

What Skills Do Bodyguards Need?

The first thing that bodyguards need are excellent communication skills. These individuals must be able to communicate clearly and understandably to the person they are protecting. This can be accomplished through training and experience. Another important skill that London bodyguards need is the ability to make quick decisions under stress. The best bodyguards are also able to act quickly in case of a situation that might require them to take immediate action. This is a necessary skill to be successful in this field. Bodyguards need excellent interpersonal skills and must know how to communicate with people from all walks of life. They must also be physically fit, and many candidates have previous training in self-defense or martial arts. Kali is a popular Martial Art style for bodyguards, and it teaches real-life tactics. Aside from learning how to defend oneself and to control their opponent, a Kali instructor will also train you to use weapons effectively. This includes knives, guns, and sticks.Aside from training, bodyguards must have first aid training. While most first aid courses focus on adult patients, the training for children differs in important areas. In a child-specific class, participants learn how to resuscitate a child. In addition, they learn how to conduct risk assessments and handle injuries such as scalding, burns, and seizures. This knowledge of children is important because this profession often involves dealing with young children. There are a few other important skills a bodyguard should have. The most important is the ability to defend oneself from physical attacks. He also learns how to give first aid, which could save a life. He is required to pass a thorough background check and have the proper licenses before working as a bodyguard. First aid training is essential for bodyguards. It is not enough to have a diploma to be a bodyguard. In addition to being trained in first aid, bodyguards must have a strong understanding of children. They must be trained to handle a variety of weapons. They must be licensed and undergo background checks. In addition, they must have training in the law and be able to work alone or with a team. First aid training is essential for all bodyguards. They must be able to recognize a potential threat and take immediate action. They must also be familiar with the first aid procedures of children. This is an important skill for bodyguards. As a bodyguard, you must be ready for any emergency. Your state of mind should be Code Yellow. This is the best way to stay safe. In the event of an emergency, you should have a plan in place and be prepared to react in a timely fashion. Besides being physically fit and having excellent communication skills, bodyguards also need to be in good shape. They should have an excellent communication style and must have some form of training in martial arts and self defense. They should be able to respond to a threatening situation in a timely and professional manner. A bodyguard needs to be prepared for any type of situation. If they need to defend their client, they must be ready to defend them. A bodyguard must have a high level of physical fitness and have a high level of cardiorespiratory capacity. The job requires a bodyguard to be physically fit and have strong stamina. They must be able to work under pressure and have a sense of self-awareness. Some bodyguards may need to undergo refresher training to maintain their certification. However, bodyguards do not have to repeat training. Having a strong sense of safety is an absolute must for bodyguards. The ability to protect others is essential, and a bodyguard must be able to defend themselves if necessary. Depending on the position, the person performing the guard’s duties will also need to know how to defend themselves in case of a dangerous situation. Some of the basic skills that a bodyguard should have include knowledge of self-defense, handling various types of weapons, and having a good attitude.

How To Find The Best Indian Mortgage Broker

The Best Indian mortgage broker Melbourne Selection process is an important part to undertake when it comes to choosing the right type of mortgage agent for your company. You may have several leads to review when you first open your doors to the global market; however, not all of them will prove to be good choices. If you make the wrong choice, your chances of a successful transaction with the financial institution may be greatly reduced. There are many different types of financial markets that exist in India today. These markets cater to every type of individual and business – from those who are looking to borrow money to those who are looking to invest. However, when you begin looking for the best Indian mortgage broker, you should know where you can look for a quality professional. While you might find some sort of general agreement amongst some of the people you will run into, not all of them will be able to provide you with the type of service you need. Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose carefully when you decide on who will meet you at your home for a personal meeting. Before you even begin to compare home loan programs from various lenders, it is important that you meet with the best Indian home loan programs lenders for a personal encounter. Once you have identified a group of potential financial partners, the next step to take is to identify their different loan products. This way, you can determine what each product has to offer you and how it could benefit you financially. It is also important to examine the terms and conditions that these lenders have for the various products that they offer. The best Indian mortgage broker does not offer home loan programs that have excessive fees attached to them. Instead, the best brokers are concerned about providing you with the best home loan program that matches your financial situation and needs. There are several ways to identify the best Indian mortgage brokers in your area. For example, if you live in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, you can easily identify the top financial institutions in this region by perusing the business magazines or newspapers in your area. There are a number of online publications as well that focus on the business community in various regions around the country. You can easily learn more about the various brokers and lenders in this area by visiting the websites of various brokerage firms. In addition to learning more about the services that these professionals offer, you should also consider learning more about the specific experiences that these individuals have had with different companies. This will help you determine the likelihood that the individual you want to do business with is going to provide you with the best service possible. Although you might want to use a highly respected broker or lender, there is no guarantee that you will receive quality service from them. When dealing with a highly reputable firm, you can be reasonably sure that they will provide you with the best service, and you can also be reasonably sure that they are going to charge you a fair price. When it comes down to it, choosing the best lender for your loan application is more important than choosing the best mortgage broker. If you cannot find any information about the best lenders in your area, then there are other sources of information that you can turn to. For example, you can contact local realtors and look at the houses that they have listed for sale. You can also contact various banks, including private Indian lenders, and ask them for advice. Although this information should not be used as the only factor when you are deciding who to deal with when buying residential hard money loans, it can provide you with some ideas. When looking for the best deal, you should focus on lenders that are willing to provide you with custom-made home loans. By doing so, you ensure that you get exactly what you need, and you avoid paying extra for features that are not really necessary.

What Can an Emergency Dentist Treat My Dental Pain?

There are a lot of people who are suffering from toothache and the only thing they can think about is to consult their local dentists. They have this impression that dentists can immediately relieve their dental pain. They do not know that their dentist has a lot more options when it comes to treating their toothaches. Although you can immediately get relief from toothache, you will only get temporary relief. Emergency Dentists problems that are caused by toothache require you to be more patient and follow certain oral hygiene measures so that the problem can be prevented in the future. The best way to deal with a toothache is to find immediate relief. However, you cannot always wait for your dentist to give you a solution. There are some dental problems that cannot be treated immediately because it will affect the functioning of your teeth or your gums. Some oral diseases also cannot be treated immediately because if left untreated it can result to severe pain. You can only opt for dental treatment when the pain becomes unbearable. This will help you to save yourself from possible gum infections and abscesses. It is important to take immediate action because some oral problems are not as easy to cure. Ignoring the problem can cause the condition to spread. Can an Emergency Dentist Treat My Dental Pain? You should not be afraid of asking for pain killers and antiseptic because these are the basic things that you need to deal with a toothache. These will help to reduce the inflammation in your toothache. If the pain becomes too much, you can ask your dentist to give you some pain killers and antibiotics. Do not hesitate to ask your dentist immediately if the pain becomes unbearable because it will be the best source to find a good solution. Can an Emergency Dentist Treat My Dental Pain? If you visit a dentist very quickly you may find out that they cannot perform the treatment they have promised to do. Some people tend to ignore dental problems thinking that these will heal on their own. You can always make sure that your dental problem will be properly attended to if you will follow some of the tips listed above. Can an Emergency Dentist Treat My Dental Pain? Toothaches are painful but you do not have to worry about visiting a dentist immediately. Instead of ignoring your toothache you can ask your dentist to perform a simple painkilling treatment so that you will not feel the pain. If the pain persists and becomes unbearable then you should seek immediate medical attention.

SEO for Photographers: Know the Basics

gainesville seo agencies for photographers is a procedure of optimizing a web site, reflecting company expertise, credibility, authority, and website reputation. Companies providing high-quality digital services have a dedicated group of specialists experienced in different industry domains, particularly with a specialty for a photography firm. The purpose of this article is to introduce photographers to search engine optimization techniques. Many companies offer SEO for photographers, but only a few of them provide quality service. A top-notch photography business knows that its customers are expecting to receive after-sales services. That is why SEO for photographers incorporates after-sales services in order to create a long-term relationship with the customer. By combining SEO for photographers with after-sales solutions, a business can easily build a long-term relationship that will enhance its brand recognition and marketability. In turn, this will lead to more revenues from repeat sales, more repeat clients, and a larger bottom line. SEO for photographers should also be thought of from an advertising standpoint. When a photographer uses search engine optimization techniques on his or her web site, he or she promotes his or her business in a very unique way that hasn’t been tried before. By presenting images of superior quality and a unique flair, the photographer draws in potential customers. As the customer spends more time viewing photos on the web site, his or her interest in the business grows. Ultimately, when the customer purchases a product or service related to the photography service, he or she has shown true faith in the company’s ability to provide excellent service. By offering an image upgrade service on the web site, the photography business attracts even more of a clientele. The images enhance the service the business offers. The photographer can offer a quick download, which is free to the customer. This download gives the customer a higher quality image that they can print at home or send to their printing company. A more costly option is to have the images converted to black and white or sepia first, then offered for sale to the general public. For web site development, the business owner may want to consider outsourcing some of the work. There are companies that specialize in creating web sites for businesses of all types. Web design firms can offer an image upgrade service to their clients, who want a newer looking site, or more services overall. Offshore development services allow the business owner to get the best prices and do as they please. They can make changes, add new pages, and make other modifications whenever they choose without being tied down by contracts with specific dates for maintenance. With the many opportunities available on the Internet, the photography business can thrive. Taking care of the business side is just the beginning. Creating a strong brand identity will help your customers identify with your work and know what you stand for. By marketing yourself and your products, you will attract those who want to take pictures and those who are looking for someone to take pictures. SEO for photographers is the key to creating a successful business.

Vintage photography by Heiko Kalweit

Heiko Kalweit is a photographer from Dortmund and specializes in vintage photography. I got to know him a few years ago and I am impressed by the determination with which he pursues his heart theme, “vintage photography”. So I was very pleased that he immediately accepted my request for an interview. Heiko, how did you get into vintage photography? To be honest, I owe that to a lucky coincidence. Before I started my own business as a freelance photographer three years ago, I was employed as a text and photo editor at a Berlin agency. Following editorial meetings – I was working from Dortmund at the time – I often added a day for private activities. So also on May 24th, 2008. For this Saturday I arranged a portrait shoot with a Berlin model at the Oberbaumbrücke. This is an old, well-known bridge on the East Side Gallery. I was amazed when the young woman appeared in a beautiful, sky-blue linen dress. At that time I had little or no idea about vintage fashion, but it struck me straight away that the dress couldn’t come from any contemporary collection. So I asked her what it was all about. She told me it belonged to her grandma who bought it in the 1940s. I was so enthusiastic about the dress, the way she had done her hair, the way she was made up – in short: from her entire elegant appearance – that it sparked my passion for vintage photography. It’s amazing that a summer dress, make-up and some hairstyling have had such a big and lasting impact on your photography. You’re right. Now that we talk about it, I wonder myself. The desire to take vintage photos has probably been dormant in me for a long time without my being aware of it. I have always enjoyed watching old “ham” with James Stewart, Katharine Hepburn and Heinz Rühmann as well as dance films with Fred Astair, Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers. I like and have always liked this mostly simple elegance that the actors exuded. I’ve also found the swing music of the 1940s and the songs by Dean Martin great for a long time. I think the experience at the Oberbaum Bridge was something like the stone that got everything rolling. For example, you show photos of many different women in vintage clothing on your homepage or on Instagram. How do you get to know her In order to build up my portfolio in vintage photography, I made contacts in the first few years through the model file. Now I mainly do it on Facebook. Do you only take photos of the models for your private pleasure? No, my passion for vintage photography came from my private pleasure. In the meantime, however, it has become my third professional pillar as a freelance photographer, alongside wedding and business photography. I only photograph models to implement my own private projects and to keep my portfolio alive. Who will book a vintage shoot with you? It is mainly women who have great fun in the 20s to 60s and dress accordingly. I go to Hamburg once a year. The swing music event “Golden Renaissance” takes place there regularly. I set up a mobile photo studio there and take photos of the guests. Last year I photographed a vintage collection for a southern German manufacturer of glasses. And every now and then I take photos of multi-page editorial series for the lifestyle magazine “Vintage Flaneur”. On your homepage I read the claim “photographic time travel”. Do you own a time machine? That would be great. 😉 No, seriously, that’s how I describe my vintage photography. With my shoots and pictures, I create illusions and fantasies of traveling to another decade. That’s why I don’t take photos in the studio, but outdoors and in special indoor locations. Over the years I have discovered many beautiful places that exude the authentic atmosphere of past decades. Among them even the former Berlin apartment of the silent film star Asta Nielsen. It is now a vintage hotel. I use the old location as a backdrop. Experienced visas, who understand vintage make-up and hairstyling, prepare my customers. A stylist, with whom I work closely, lends me original old clothes if necessary. In the meantime I also have a small network of classic car owners who make their cars available to me for photo shoots. Old issues of Life magazine, suitcases and many other props complete the illusion of time travel. In this way, not only images of people are created in the shoots, but stories in the form of photos. You’re on social media. Which one do you prefer to use? Clearly Instagram. Even if I only have just under 400 followers, this is where I make the most interesting contacts. At the beginning of the year, for example, the American magazine “Pinup Industry” ( presented me and my photography in a three-page interview. I had a special highlight in the middle of this year: The American vintage magazine Stalletto also found out about me via Instagram and commissioned me with a multi-page editorial shoot for the autumn issue. What are your plans for the coming year? Lots of vintage shoots, of course. In February the “Golden Renaissance” is going to Hamburg again. In August, like this year, I will be presenting myself with a booth at the “Classic Days” at Schloss Dyck. This is a large, multi-day classic car event in Jüchen in North Rhine-Westphalia. And in October I’ll be holding a vintage workshop in Dortmund. Interested photographers will have the opportunity to take pictures of experienced vintage models in a great, old industrial environment on the Zollern colliery site . Of course, the models wear appropriate clothing and are styled accordingly. The workshop will take place on Sunday, October 7th, 2018. That sounds very exciting. I wish you every success with the workshop and thank you very much for the interview.

Lucrative ways of professional photography

In the run-up to the event “Mind Mapping 2018 – New Paths in Professional Photography” , for which I was one of the first participants to register, Marc Ludwig from FotoTV. one of the speakers, Nicole Zausinger, was introduced. I didn’t let the chance slip up and asked you for an interview. You can either read it in abbreviated form here on the blog or listen to it in full as an audio interview on my podcast .   Thank you for having time for an interview, Nicole. You are a professional photographer, please describe the subject areas you are working on. With pleasure. My entry into professional photography came through a three-day castle wedding in Chiemgau, which I was able to photograph. That excited me straight away. I soon knew that I didn’t want to go back to my old job as an architect and construction manager. In the first few years I concentrated on weddings, over time I added kindergarten and family photography. It quickly turned out that wedding photography doesn’t go well with my job as a mother of two, because weddings take place on weekends when my own children actually need their mother. So now I only do a handful of weddings a year. Instead, I expanded my kindergarten and family photography and I really enjoy it. As a result of my network, other topics have recently been added, such as business photography and food photography. These jobs bring a welcome change in my job. But my main topic remains “everything to do with families”, i.e. weddings, kindergartens and families. You have experience in photography for private customers as well as for business customers, which of the two areas is more lucrative in your opinion? You are addressing exactly my favorite topic. I take a close look at each of my orders and make a note of the effort involved in the individual work steps. So I have a pretty precise picture of whether an order is worthwhile for me and which steps I can still optimize. At first I assumed that business photography was very lucrative because it paid higher fees . But if you put the effort against it, it no longer looks so clear. Wedding photography actually turned out to be the least lucrative for me. My wedding prices are really not cheap, but if you count the effort of preliminary talks, travel times and so on, wedding photography is not so financially rewarding for me. But the financial side is not everything. I still enjoy photographing weddings a lot, so I will continue to offer it. At the moment, kindergarten photography is most worthwhile for me, mainly because I’ve optimized my processes. What exactly did you optimize? I took a very close look at which jobs take up the most time. To do this, I use the Zei cube to have a minute-by-minute overview. As a result, I discovered, for example, that image selection and image processing take a lot of time. In the meantime I have the image processing carried out by ProImageEditors in India. That saves me a lot of time. Of course, at the beginning it was necessary to tell my contacts in India exactly what requirements I have. For example, it is very important to me that the pictures are ready after a few days. It all works very well and I am very satisfied. Tell us a little more about the mindmapping 2018 event I am very pleased that there are such experienced and inspiring colleagues as speakers. Steffen Böttcher, who leads through the event and, to a certain extent, takes on the philosophical part, Fabian Bischof, who runs one of the largest photo studios in Switzerland and Janine Wienick, who is a leader in questions of style in kindergarten photography. The event is suitable for all photographers, even if they work in subject areas outside of wedding and kindergarten photography. The aim is to let the participants think outside the box and to inspire them. If I can use my lecture to encourage people to think about their own profitability as a photographer, then I have achieved my goal. I keep seeing photographers who quit their job because they fail to turn it into a profitable company. And I think that’s a shame. Yes, Nicole, then let’s work together to support photographers with their business issues. Thanks for talking to us, Nicole.

On the way to becoming a professional photographer

My name is Sven Schomburg and I work as a photographer. I set up my warehouse about 9 years ago in Hamburg and specialized in people photography, more precisely wedding and liestyle photography. You don’t become a good photographer overnight! About 8 years ago my better half commented that we should buy a reflex camera so that we could take good photos in the case of a child (I mean child, of course). I have to say, however, that we actually always took pictures, or rather, we took pictures. Yes, now it was there, the entry-level camera (seen this way today) from Mediamarkt, waiting to be used. You can probably already imagine what I photographed. Exactly, everything that came in front of the lens and still nice in A mode. Although I was a bit surprised what the camera was doing in the other sub-modes, I didn’t think about it any further. 🙂 Photography as I do it today was out of the question. A picture only emerges in your head … … and then the camera will help you implement it. Cool phrase, right? I picked it up somewhere, but there’s something to it. After a few tours with my camera at the time, now don’t think that I already had people in front of the cam, it was clear to me that I would rather have to read to get out of this A mode. Now I’m not the biggest bookworm either, but the internet also has its right to exist. So I set off with knowledge from books and tutorials that I had freely obtained from YouTube or had bought in the meantime. My path went through architecture, macro and, for a short time, HDR photography. Until at some point I felt the interest to take photos of people. I slowly felt my way to this topic. It was clear that it was often the girl next door who was allowed to pose in front of my camera or, at the very beginning, my wife. In addition to my camera with kit lens at the time, more photo stuff was slowly but surely added. Everything was in many books and the tutorials also contributed something. In all honesty, I have to tell you that I’m a bit tech-savvy, but for a long time not as much as it was back then when it was said “the photo was taken with the photo equipment, so I have to have it”. From every shoot with the girl next door I got better and so the thought matured in me that I had to show my pictures to the people out there in order to get confirmation for my great photo work. So I signed up for many forums and proudly posted the great work I believed at the time. When I look back on it today, I keep getting a smile on my face. But I can tell you, that’s just part of development. My development also includes the basement, which is still full of tripods, flashes and light shapers. 😉I looked for role models or let’s just say I became a fan of the great photographers in the world. I’m still a fan today, but the direction of photography has changed over time. One of my activities was and still is today, if I can manage it, attending various network meetings. At that time, I took Emilia with me to such a photographer’s meeting, as already described, my better half and what can I say, I got her hooked on photography. Not nearly as much as I am today, but even then it was easier to buy new photo equipment because you had or have an ally on your side. The first job as a wedding photographer But don’t think that the sun was always shining for me, because there was often enough rain. Probably like any of you too. Okay, I now had people in front of the camera, but how did wedding photography come about? She actually came to us somehow. Why “us” now? Quite simply- Emilia also became very active photographically over time. So one day a colleague of my wife asked if we could take some photos at her wedding. I tell you, my pants were pretty full. Wrong, because the pictures were actually well received. So we were also approached by friends and acquaintances. Official registration as a photographer In 2015 it was time to seriously think about a business, which I then put into practice. The way to the Chamber of Crafts was clear and I’ll tell you first when I had the trade license in hand, I thought I was the hero. The world would just wait for a photographer like me. 😉Puff pie, because now the work really started. I knew I wanted to photograph weddings, but the people around didn’t know about me. Or just do the test and google for wedding photographers! Exactly, there are a dime a dozen. Over time I worked on my personality, on my photography style and of course on the processing of the pictures. Over time we also had offspring and Emilia is currently no longer accompanying me to weddings, but when it comes to decisions, be it in the selection of images or other business-related decisions, she is by my side, which I do very much you guess. Because it doesn’t work at all without the support of the family. Expect headwinds One and two words at the end, if you still want to hear them. Be aware that nobody gives you anything, but it’s better that way. It only makes you stronger and richer in experience. Also be aware that the way will be stony, but you have the right tools with you to clear the stones out of the way. I also had times when I wanted to throw all my photo stuff in the bin. Luckily I didn’t. My tip to you Go out and take pictures if you aren’t already. In order to redeem your ticket for your journey into photography as a business, you have to forego a lot, but at some point you will be rewarded if you allow it. So, your journey can begin or is already underway. I’ll see you on the train.

Club photography tips

Club photography A big black room, tropical climate and the constant tension that the camera won’t survive that night. This is club photography🙂 So it’s a little exaggerated, but only with the fear, because mostly I stand a little apart from the crowd behind the DJ and only now and then I am drawn to the dance floor and the “dangerous zone” for a few pictures the “crowd”. I then only enter the dance floor after my job or at least without a camera to dance. I also have a tip for that If you want to get through a dancing crowd quickly, dance your way through them! I promise you, people will be far more likely to give you room and find it even cooler that you dance than if you try to push your way through. (I speak from experience and believe me, it works!) The ideal conditions As you can already imagine, for good conditions you need an open-aperture lens (e.g. a 35 or 24mm with f. 1.4 or 1.8) and ideally also a full frame camera that has no problem with a high ISO value. Because most (techno) clubs are really very dark and the DJ’s lighting is minimal. (Of course, it also depends entirely on the event and the location). And you should have fun with the music and the whole party, otherwise it can be a very uncomfortable work environment. The camera settings I mostly work with an ISO value of 1200-2000, but even with a full-frame camera like the Canon Eos 6D, a slight noise cannot be prevented. The aperture is also very open, usually around f 1.8 or 2.0. The next problem is the autofocus, which hardly works in this dark. So you only have the manual mode, unless you wait for a light effect from the visual jockey. But since the DJ is not firmly established and the beats at 130 BPM drive the whole thing forward, you should have dealt with his technique a little. In the worst case, you stand in the club all night and try in vain to run after the DJ and focus on him. Communication is the key to success In most cases you can do something against the nasty darkness, namely make agreements. If he is available, you can talk to the visual jockey (light and visual artist) of the club / organizer about your project and ask him to what extent he can control the light for your purposes. It is also a great advantage to speak to the people you are photographing. So they know what’s going on and can also help you with your plan to shoot sharp and chic pictures . With a DJ, however, you should do this before his performance and not during it😀 Now I wish you a lot of fun taking photos and if you have any questions you can always get in touch!

Starting a Business as a Photographer: Skills Required

Essentially, it is apparently not the commercial and photographic basics that I have learned in seminars, webinars or training courses that define my professional success as a photographer, but rather things like courage, empathy, humor, openness and honesty towards my customers, but also to myself. A daring theory? Then read for yourself: You can’t make money with art “You can’t make money with art,” my father always said. It is therefore not surprising that I made many career decisions out of common sense, even though my creativity has always been my greatest talent since my early childhood. Instead, in a confused zigzag course, compromises were made in favor of supposed expectations. After graduating from high school and community service (in nursing) I worked as a nurse, qualified art therapist and pedagogue, legal assistant and shop manager at E-Plus / Base. I also learned classical and analogue photography and development. But what I lacked during this time was the courage to trust my talents and assert myself on a professional level. So while I was waiting for my place at university, I first became a nurse. The gratitude of the patients back then did my self-esteem very good. What is my artistic subject? During our studies, lecturers asked us what our very own artistic topic is. I replied “love”, but at the time I could never define it more precisely and didn’t really know why this was actually my topic. I was a member of an artist community that has successfully created video sculptures. At some point we were asked to film and photograph fashion shows. Then the first request for a wedding arose. So I became a part-time photographer, but it was all very … well, improvised! My main salary and a lot of responsibility was always in outpatient nursing, even when I was studying and immediately afterwards. But unfortunately I overdid it there in health terms. An occupational illness became chronic. Over the decades there were also two superiors who kindly took me aside and said something like: “You are doing a great job here, but why do you not earn your money with what you do best?” My answer was: “With what? With clever shit? ”. Because I was always an employee who could hardly endure internal “malaise” and was concerned about things that were more the boss’s business. Maybe you can also say that I wasn’t challenged enough? My physical limits The chronic illness has repeatedly pushed me to my physical limits in the various professions mentioned above and ultimately to make and implement a clear decision. With the help of the job center and their credit of 5,000.00 €, I put everything on one card and thus became a full-time photographer. And because this amount was not enough front and rear, I have previously written Michael Omori Kirchner and asked: “Can you make with a Canon 1100 D really as a professional freelance photographer?” . In the comments of this article was very controversial with lively discussion. Founding as a photographer Before the foundation, I was allowed to attend the business academy and the tenor there was always: “He who is different from everyone else is successful” “Be competitive on prices” (which I mistakenly interpreted as “cheap”). Positioning and business plan So I developed the “unique selling points”: Mobile photo studio for baby and nude photography, no package prices but a transparent hourly flat rate, and photo retouching (my passion). So I wrote my business plan which I now think, “how the hell, could it ever be waved through?” The answer is simple: every successful “waved through” customer looks good to your client, the job center. Customer acquisition The acquisition of the private customers just mentioned turned out to be very difficult, but without ever having a wedding photo in the portfolio, such a request came after a few months. I accepted the job because I already had some experience from the part-time phase. I photographed this job with the 1100 D without a back-up camera and with a bad feeling! At that time I calculated the hour at € 129.00 and only for the time on site. I thought that I couldn’t argue the time it took to post-process photos and so I photographed the first weddings for about 39 € an hour! At the turn of the year, I kept increasing the hourly flat rate. Nevertheless, there was not enough money left and my self-esteem towards my customers did not improve, even though they were very satisfied. Feedback from customers I could never really accept compliments from customers. Until this came: “If it seems that someone was born just to be a photographer and if it seems that this someone became a photographer just to photograph your wedding, then it’s Helge Peters! Thank you for an unforgettable shoot with lots of fun, creativity, spontaneity, emotions and fantastic results. You hit the proverbial nail on the head. “ That changed my thinking, because everything I had done in my life so far boiled down to helping other people, making others laugh, making them happy and having to do with the topic of love and care. So that I am a wedding photographer is very consistent. As I often hear from customers, they quickly feel that they have known me forever. Entertainment qualities I think I have also trained the responsible qualities in my social professions. My sense of humor is innate. My picture style lives from the fact that my customers feel good, relax and have fun. So my entertainer qualities are very useful to me. Self-esteem So I had to face the following: A lack of self-esteem has been trained for many years and over the years it actually develops a benefit for those affected: You always have an excuse: not to face challenges, to take responsibility for decisions and to assert yourself! Prices I determine my worth (my self-esteem on a professional level) myself, through my prices! Where do I really see myself in the market when I look at and compare my products? Actually in the upper quarter of the price range on the market and not at the lower end! I then adapted myself to the market in some points instead of having to be convulsively different everywhere. For example, instead of the hourly flat rate, I developed wedding package prices and factored in the photo post-processing. Photo editing is paid extra, I put my portfolio together from the customer’s point of view (emotional, special moments instead of artistically valuable photos). And despite a price increase of approx. 300% compared to the prices for a new establishment, customers still tell me: “I would have liked to have paid more!” How can that be? But through the current marketing, I increasingly have my dream customers who appreciate my value and are happy to reward them! Discussions with the job center I also no longer shied away from dealing with the job center and obtained investment permits for operating resources, because I was able to credibly demonstrate to those with the right self-esteem a realistic period for an end to the support from the job center, but also the investments that were simply necessary. From supplicant to businessman, so to speak. If you enjoy the support of the job center, you cannot freely manage the money you have earned, because this is of course always primarily intended to reduce or repay your salary. Here it is important to persevere, because you work your 8-10 hours a day for about 180 € more per month, but with the big goal of living without support. From small business owner to businessman But not only the end of the salary, but also the last year as a small business owner felt good. The changes made led to an increase in orders of over 100% in the areas of prom and weddings last year. In addition to these two areas, business and kindergarten photography are my main sources of income. Nude and baby photography hardly play a role economically. Since last year I have been able to hire other photographers in order to be able to implement the requests (double bookings for graduation balls and weddings).   Align the supply with the needs of the market But I also had to part with some things that gave me personal security: I no longer focused on my “beloved” photo editing, but geared marketing to the needs and “needs” of the customers. I gradually gave up the very good Google ranking of the homepage at and created pages for the individual photographic topics with their own domain. From now on I created the portfolio from the customer’s point of view (emotional pictures with special monuments instead of the artistically valuable photos). Personality as a photographer Of course, a decent SEO, acquired commercial skills as well as cooperation and exchange with other photographers are part of my success, but my personal experience is: if you are stuck in your self-employment, if you have already tried a lot, you may be with you Your person, with your personal characteristics somewhere in the way. No workshop, webinar, no management consultant can teach you that. Therefore and because feedback from my customers mainly praises my “soft skills”, I come to my statement at the beginning of the article. Well, just because it was like that for me doesn’t have to apply to everyone, does it? After all, not everyone has the same roof damage as I do😉 But maybe we can finally agree on the following: Just as important as the basics, which we can learn in workshops, training courses or YouTube videos from me, are the soft skills and a successful photographer requires a lot more, than being able to take pictures.