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I have a long-standing friendship with Calvin Hollywood. We live only 15 kilometers apart and meet regularly to do sports together or to exchange ideas.

Last week, Calvin and his colleague Robert came from Schwetzingen to Dossenheim by mountain bike to go biking with me. So I took the two 400 meters up to my local mountain in Dossenheim (Weißer Stein) and rode the yellow X-Trail and the Snakebite-Trail with them.

On the way we passed the hang glider take-off area and took the opportunity to talk about the future of professional photography. Robert filmed and today you can see the result.

We talk about the requirements for a professional photographer and how the professional profile of the photographer has changed in recent years.

To the interview: The future of professional photography

Whoever wants can

I have already attended several seminars with Calvin and he was also a guest in one of my workshops. I know that Calvin delivers reliably and so I’m looking forward to his new book, which is out today.

The book has nothing to do with photography. According to Calvin, he summarized his findings on the principles of success in order to be able to convey them to his children. And that is how this book came about.

He asked me to point out this book launch and I’m very happy to do that.

To the book

My interview with Calvin

Two years ago I visited Calvin in his office and interviewed him. In this conversation we get to know him in front of a side that may not be so well known. I was particularly surprised by his statement about which alternative career he would like to take up.

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